pirates need to keep it on the D/L

26 December 2010

Soundcloud started issuing takedown notices to people posting unauthoried remixes and mixtapes.

A few thoughts in response to the Ripley's post:

have you all chosen and publicly displayed a CC license ?  

I need to do that too.

If it was widespread then all artists would have this, it could be easily checked to ensure a mix is free to go.  Only artists on restrictive labels would get flagged.  Mixcloud could scan and ok the mix automatically.  All artists should have URLs where their license can be retrieved and verified.

I don't think Soundcloud is a Walled Garden unless you think that by wall that means they will fight to protect any illegal actions you take within their courtyards.  Walled Garden means that they don't allow things out or that they stifle competion.  So its a misuse of the phrase I think.

Google/YouTube was prepared to fight to change usage laws and has done so with varying degrees of success.  Its immature to expect them to win just because you want them to win.  Its immature to expect them to take the bullet for you just because they have sympathy with your usage style.  Somebody has to pay a lot of money to fight to change laws.

Soundcloud is very small, you cannot demand of them to sacrifice potentially their entire business in order to defend something they never went into business for (remixes and mixtapes).  They are there to support new music, that's their focus.

Actually originally they wanted to support discussions about pre-released music like comparing different versions, looking at cues for music for video etc.  That's what the little comment bubbles are for. Its supposed to be for not yet finished music. But they got caught up going in a different direction because people liked seeing a new flash player.  btw. that flash player is SoundManager,  the same thing you see on my site.  Its open source.

If you want to distribute copyright violating works then do so like a proper pirate and keep it on the D/L, and stop complaining when you get busted on mainstreet. Hip Hop was built on jacking other people's beats.  Only Toys buy their paint.  

Post it on big sites till they start taking heat, then say bye and thanks to them for putting up with it and move on. It is not their fault.

Run bitorrent on your web server so you can keep it running all the time.  As people add nodes, as people cop mixes, it strengthens and nobody can take it down.

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